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Subbuteo opening moves

Subbuteo is a game of skill and strategy that feels like the combination of soccer, pool and chess. And what sets a chess master apart from the average players? His opening moves, of course.

In today’s edition of Subbuteo tactic school, we will have a closer look at the Subbuteo opening moves from Carlos Flores. Spanish World Cup winner Flores, considered as one of the best Subbuteo players ever, flicks so quickly and precisely that you need a slow motion to capture his machine-like gameplay.

See this short clip taken from Champions League 2015 Team Final between Fiamme Azzurre and Bari Reggio Emilia. Flores (red sweater) flicks on – and he only needs 10 flicks within 12 seconds until he takes his first goal shot.

Source: YouTube, Channel: Serge3101, watch the complete match.

Quite impressive. But what exactly is the secret to success with these Subbuteo opening moves?

In the following slideshow, I transcribed all flicks from the video to a 2d-tactic board. You can follow up the game play by hitting your arrow keys or swiping your mobile device to change between the slides.

[smartslider3 slider=3]

A few month later, Carlos uses the same opening strategy at the Major of Frameries in 2016. But this time, his opponent Massimiliano Nastasi is a smart blocker and shows us what his precise defensive flicks can do. In the next video you can see his perfect block (red arrow) at 0:16 min. It prevents Carlos’ breakthrough on the left side of the pitch and he rather has to shift his game play to the other side.

Source: YouTube, Channel: Serge3101, watch the complete match. Markings inserted by

Now it is your turn: Perform these opening moves on your training pitch. Can you flick it? Maybe “Block player” from the medium exercises will be a good support for learning how to block.

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