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Subbuteo training

Welcome to Subbuteo Table Football camp! On this page, Subbuteo beginners will find a bunch of Subbuteo training exercises to improve their flicking skills.

Being a rookie myself, I arranged some existing Subbuteo training lessons from the web with own ideas and organized them in three categories: easy, medium and difficult. Each category contains at least six lessons and will approximately take 20-30 minutes. Have fun and feel free to add your ideas for exercises in the contact section below.

Easy exercises

Subbuteo training: Easy exercises, No. 02
Begin with some exercises that improve your basic flicks and shots.
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Moderate exercises

Subbuteo training: Medium exercises, No. 11
Combinations, blocks and more: Get better on longer distances.
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Difficult exercises

Subbuteo training: Difficult exercises, No. 16
Do it like the pros – these exercises will challenge all of your starters skills.
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Download training plan

Subbuteo training plan
Free pdf download with our first 18 lessons at a glance.
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Tactic school

Let’s have a closer look at the games of the best players.
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