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Buy Subbuteo equipment:

Large catalogues with team decals and base stickers to order. Lots of high quality sports equipment like figures, goalkeepers, bases, polish or storage cases etc.

Flick for kicks
Beautiful handmade Subbuteo and Sports Table Football tables: in regular size or at 78 x 43 cm – this handmade mini-table is for playing on a coffee table or on the floor. Handcrafted in the UK and finished in customer’s choice of colours.

Tcha Four
Supplier of professional Table Football bases. Provides his catalogue on his Facebook page. Arrows 2.0, for example, are used by many top players in the world.
Facebook profile

Distributor of professional Table Football material since 2000. Sells everything from pitches to teams, decals, balls or many more accessories. Modern or old style Subbuteo.

Pitches, goals, balls and decals and of course a wide range of ready-to-go teams. Collection of rare accessories and even sells Rubgy or Cricket Subbuteo equipment.

Little Plastic Men
Bases, Topspin balls and accessories like the “Turbo glide polishing cloth” in different sizes. Comes with a pre-owned section and some offers from time to time.

Garage Soccer
Garage Soccer is a simplified version of Subbuteo. Christopher and Pat organize leagues, events and tournaments centered around this classic game in the USA. And they’ve got an online shop too where they sell all the professional Subbuteo equipment to the US community.

Mad About Games
A range of HW and LW bases, teams and box sets. Some accessories like grandstands and stadium spectators figures, cotton pitches and a very large selection of Zeug teams.


Learning the rules:

Official FISTF rules
Download PDF document


History of Subbuteo:

Peter Upton’s Subbuteo tribute
This website was first set up in 1999 (and looks as antique as this sounds!), because “there seemed so little Subbuteo information available on the internet.” Peter Upton’s site has become a comprehensive list of all the Subbuteo items produced from 1947 to date.


Videos & podcasts:

Dozens of high quality videos filmed during various tournaments (World Cup, Champions League, Majors). Indispensable source of inspiration; watch these clips to improve your theoretical knowledge of the game.
YouTube channel

Paul Eyes
When you enter the YouTube channel “Subbuteoman”, you’ll find a bunch of interesting clips with US Table Football matches. But scroll down a while until you find the “How to play Subbuteo” tutorials. These are fantastic: Paul and his teammates explain all the rules as well as special situations which may occur during a game. Pioneering work for the Subbuteo community!
YouTube channel

Can you flick it?
This 30 minutes short movie is an exploration into the world of competitive Subbuteo. It was filmed at the 2012 Mons Open, in Belgium, and the 2012 Subbuteo World Cup in Manchester. Get some popcorn and lean back!

Calcio Tavolo from Italy: About 20 clips with Subbuteo action (Coppa Italy, Major of Naples); all nicely filmed and edited.
YouTube channel

Match Leitner vs Kegenbein
Grand Prix Austria 2013, Open Final. That’s the first Subbuteo match I have ever seen on YouTube. Comes with a special over head perspective to follow up the tactical game play.

If you’re making your own Subbuteo teams, you must not miss these tutorials by Stathis on his YouTube channel. Every detail from cutting and applying the decals to miniature painting is presented in short clips.
YouTube channel

The Subbuteo Podcast
Monthly podcast (approx. 45 min.) hosted by Garage Soccer’s Pat O’Brien and Christopher Harris. The aim of the podcast is to keep the community updated on the latest news and events from the table soccer world.
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Last but not least

If you’re (still?) on Facebook, become a member in the “Subbuteo Selling Page” with more than 1.500 members. This group is to allow the world wide community to sell and buy Subbuteo related products, new or 2nd hand, from old Subbuteo to the newer professional products.


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