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Making my own teams and carrying cases

If you bought a ready-to-go team to begin your next Subbuteo match, you’d miss half of the fun: Try to prepare your own team with decals and colors instead. Crafting is an important part of Subbuteo’s attraction, believe me!

On this website, you’ll find:

My teams
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Decals and hand painted teams: Making-of:

For my first DIY team, I bought a set of Raptor G2 bases, base stickers, blank figures and team decals on the internet (see suppliers list at the end of this post). Then, I needed a pincers and a scalpel to get started.

Centering the self adhesive stickers on the bases was not the hardest part.

My premiere team: I could not resist to create Germany’s World Champions from Brazil 2014. Yes, the 7 to 1 heros! 😉

A cutting mat is a useful tool I would not miss again. And next, I got this small bottle of Microsol: The solution prepares the surface of the figures, allowing the decals to drape down perfectly.

Important note: Impregnate the decals with a drop of water first! After a few seconds, you’ll be able to detach the decal from the film. The Microsol only prepares the surface of the figure!

With a small brush and enamel colors, I painted the skins and hairs of my players. Not too bad for my first try.

Don’t forget to use some acrylic spray after you are done with decals and colors: Apply three thin coats in 20 minutes intervalls.

Handmade boxes for my teams and equipment:

DIY Subbuteo Carrying Case

DIY Subbuteo Carrying Case

DIY Subbuteo Carrying Case

DIY Subbuteo Carrying Case

DIY Subbuteo Carrying Case


16 thoughts on “Making my own teams and carrying cases”

    1. Hallo Hermann, nein, ich habe vorher viel mit Rasterschaumstoff ausprobiert und auch mit einem Skalpell rumgeschnibbelt – das sah alles nicht aus. Die Schaumstoffeinlage auf dem Bild konnte ich so fertig kaufen. Ein Anbieter auf einer Gesellschaftsspielemesse hatte so etwas im Angebot.

        1. Hello Sergio, can you please specify your question? I do not know what you mean with „cell of foam“. Thx!

          1. Sorry for my bad english. I refered of the dimensions o model of the hole that has the foam where the figure is insert. I want to buy for my subbuteo team, but the hole dimensions for one figure are little or big.Thanks

          2. Sorry Oliver. I speak english very bad jajaja. I refered of the hole´s dimensions where are inserted the figures with the bases.

            But i saw tha last night that you request to Gavin.

            Thank you very much.

            1. i.heart.subbuteo

              Okay, you‘re welcome! In that shop, you will find many options for those foam trays with different sizes… Kind regards, Oliver

    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your teams, especially the FC St. Pauli side (FORZA SANKT PAULI!) Just getting into table football, and your work is very inspiring. Thank you for providing links to quality vendors.

    3. Nice job painting the players. I would be afraid of paint getting on the kit. Is there a particular reason why you applied the kit first before you had painted the skin and hair? Is it to do with the Microsol not keying to the paint?

      1. Hello JJ, there is no particular reason for doing it this way. I “learned” it from the video tutorials of mysubbuteo on YouTube. Kind regards, Oliver

    4. Hello JJ, great work on the cases, really nice pieces… I was wondering if you could tell me where the square foam inserts came from?? Many thanks.. gavin

    5. Hello
      I’m looking to get started on making my own team from start. Can you tell me what I need to get . As if bening looking for a while and cant get an further along.I’m looking to do 25 to 30 players at first

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