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Subbuteo interviews

Table Football talk: A list of the Subbuteo interviews I made with enthusiasts, players, executives or artists.

“The World Cup is always a challenging event”

Steve Dettre, Subbuteo FISTF presidentInterview with Steve Dettre: The president of Federation International of Sports Table Football describes in this Subbuteo interview the aims of FISTF, how Subbuteo Table Football has developed in the past years and he takes a look at the upcoming World Cup in Gibraltar.
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“Without offspring, Table Soccer has no future”

Hermann Kruse Subbuteo interviewHermann Kruse (Northern Falcons Table Football Club in Sydney) teaches kids to play Subbuteo. In this Subbuteo interview with Flicking Forever, he talks about his commitment in the Subbuteo world, the challenges of youth work in Australia and what his personal plans are after moving back to Germany in 2019.
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“My main attraction to table football is the miniature aspect”

Stathis Tsolis Stathis Tsolis: “All the teams I own, they are well played and loved.“Stathis Tsolis runs a website called In this exclusive Subbuteo interview, he gives insights into his production process, explains how table football has become more than a hobby and why polishing your bases can make the difference.
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Actually Soccer interviewed me

DIY Subbuteo tableMark from Actually Soccer asked me to join his new section “Actually Subbuteo” where they post items and Subbuteo interviews (10ForYou) regarding Subbuteo involved people. Here are my answers about my first Subbuteo memories, the teams I created and what my Subbuteo life looks like.
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