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New exercises added

I’ve published three new exercises:

Figure positioning (video tutorial)

Move your attackers to the hatched area on the pitch. How can you do that? First flick: Get your playing figure with a soft touch behind the ball, they should stand closely together. Second flick: Repositioning, if necessary. FInal flick: Hit the ball in the perfect angle and with the right speed so that the figure runs right into the hatched area. [10 stages with two figures and balls.]

Longflick & shoot (video tutorial)

Place an attacker on your own and a ball on the opposite shooting line. Perform a straight longflick with your attacker so that it slightly touches the ball and moves it into the shooting area. Reposition attacker and ball with your second flick (if necessary!) or directly shoot a goal. [15 stages.]

Cutting around (video tutorial)

Place the ball inside the playing area but as close as possible to the sideline. Put some defenders close to the sideline as shown below. Now try to cut around the ball with your attacker (one or two flicks; the ball must not leave the playing area!) and pass it with your third flick along the sideline – without touching any defenders. [Ten stages.]

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