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Start to play Subbuteo

Easy to learn but hard to master: Subbuteo is an exciting miniature Table Football game. My website “Flicking Forever” is dedicated to teach rules and playing techniques to all beginners.

Learn the basics:



Improve your Subbuteo game play with 20+ exercises. Read more


Training Plan

Get you free printable Subbuteo training plan. Read more



Analyze Subbuteo formations and learn from top players. Read more

Number of training exercises on Flicking Forever
Subbuteo Table Football | Flicking Forever

Foldable DIY Subbuteo table

Check out Flicking Forever’s step-by-step tutorial for this smart and foldable Subbuteo table. Read more

Subbuteo shot analysis: Heatmap with best positions for Subbuteo shots

Subbuteo meets Big data

Where are the best positions for scoring goals? My exclusive analysis of 500+ goal shots from top players. Read more

DIY: Subbuteo Makery

Table Football Talk:

“The World Cup is always a challenging event”

Steve Dettre describes his aims as FISTF president, how Subbuteo Table Football has developed in the past years and he takes a look at the upcoming World Cup 2018 which takes place in Gibraltar. Read more

Hermann Kruse Subbuteo interview

“Without offspring, Table Soccer has no future”

Hermann Kruse teaches kids to play Subbuteo. He talks about the challenges of youth work in Australia, his commitment in the Subbuteo world and his plans are after moving back to Germany. Read more

Stathis Tsolis

“All the teams I own are well played and loved.“

Stathis Tsolis from gives insights into his production process, explains how table football has become more than a hobby and why polishing your bases can make the difference. Read more

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"Thanks for this and everything on this website you have done. Brilliant work, thank you, so helpful."
Bernard Oconnor
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your teams, especially FC St. Pauli. Just getting into table football, and your work is very inspiring."
"I love blogs such as yours helps bring me up to speed. Thanks for taking the time to post your site, It's an enjoyable and informative read."
Bruce Millar
"Expert analysis! This along with the rest of the web site is a fantastic resource for Table Football. Thanks for doing this!"
Randy Kilwag